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It is our vision to help create and ensure an unique and vibrant Fort Langley stewarded by and for the community.

It is our mission to build great buildings and donate the profits to Langley charity and community initiatives forever.

Fort Langley Project was born based on the simple idea that we can have great development while supporting local business and charitable causes. For all, not just a few.


  • Develop our commercial holding properties into fantastic mixed-use residential developments with affordable, non-profit housing components.

  • Direct how development profits are allocated to charitable causes within the greater community.

  • Advocate for positive outcomes for the community.

  • Run great festivals and events at Mary & Glover to bring people together in a positive and unique way.


To ensure the historic village of Fort Langley is unique and vibrant for decades to come stewarded for and by the community.

Over 15 years starting in 2005, Eric Woodward assembled a significant portion of the central commercial property within downtown Fort Langley, now at about 40%.

He completed multiple renovations of existing buildings and the construction of the LEED Gold Coulter Berry Building in 2016. As the transition to Fort Langley Properties Ltd and the Eric Woodward Foundation completes, the heart of Fort Langley will now be developed and operated to the benefit of all, placing community before profit.

The Fort Langley Project is the Eric Woodward Foundation and Fort Langley Properties Ltd.

Non-profit society that oversees the Cranberry Festival and special events, charitable giving, and community engagement.

For-profit corporation that owns and operates the property holdings and real estate development. It is irrevocably bound to donate all of its profits to charitable causes within Greater Langley. Forever.