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Fort Langley Properties Ltd:

  • is irrevocably, legally bounded within its articles of incorporation to give all of its profits to charitable causes within Greater Langley. This cannot be changed. Ever.

  • has three development proposals currently before the Township of Langley:

    • Glover Road North
      an amazing destination restaurant designed around our 75 year-old walnut tree, to preserve and celebrate it

    • Cool Small Building
      mixed-use upgrade in the heart of the village. a great retail destination like no other

    • Glover Mary Church
      great, new walkable destinations, truly unique homes, and great mixed-use character in the heart of the village

  • is needed because charitable or non-profit entities are not permitted to conduct purely for-profit activities, such as real estate development.


Fort Langley Properties Ltd is the The Fort Langley Project's corporate holding company.

Fort Langley Properties Ltd. was established in 2018 as the for-profit corporation responsible for re-development and long-term ownership of development sites within Fort Langley's commercial core, all for charitable purposes.

FLPL owns a significant share of Fort Langley's commercial core, just under 40%. It owns about 80% of the commercial real estate on Glover Road between 96th Avenue and Mavis Avenue, in the heart of the village.

FLPL continues to attempt responsible, high-quality re-development of new mixed-use commercial buildings on Glover Road between Mavis Avenue and 96th Avenue.


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