Donations from Proceeds of Sonic the Hedgehog Filming

Filming donations 01

We are thrilled to finally announce that we are donating $50,000 from the recent filming in downtown Fort Langley. The filming at Glover Road and Mary Avenue was quite the show!

Filming can be disruptive to some local residents and businesses that are not directly compensated. The feature film used a good portion of our Mary & Glover green space, and sections for the downtown too.

Filming definitely impacts our community. We want to thank everyone for their patience with the disruptions too. It's great, especially with the current situation, to be able to put some of this money back into our community. In the long run, it would be great to see community overall benefit from filming in our village. We want to be a part of seeing that happen.

  • $25,000 to Keats Camp for kids throughout Langley to attend summer camp that likely would not otherwise be able to

  • $10,000 to Inclusion Langley Childhood Development Services

  • $9,000 to the Township of Langley for streetscape upgrades, hopefully for two new sidewalk picnic tables within the commercial core

  • $3,500 to local businesses for gift card giveaways

  • $2,500 to support Langley Fine Arts Dry Grad

Over the coming months we will also be investing filming proceeds into restoring the greenspace, playground equipment, more pinic tables, and other improvements to come. We want to make the space even more awesome. Please bear with us through this process so we can all enjoy it once completed.