Donation to the Newly Completed LAPS ISOasis


The Foundation is thrilled to finally announce its commitment to donate $100,000 to the Langley Animal Protection Society to more than cover the anticpated additional annual operating costs for the new ISOasis facility.

The Cat Intake and Isolation Facility facility is dedicated entirely to housing cats and kittens in isolation from the main facility. As noted on the LAPS website, "The housing and enrichment protocols that the Cat Intake and Isolation Facility provide are cutting-edge in the shelter world. The most common illnesses in animal shelters are upper respiratory system infections and ringworm infections. Compared to the industry average, our shelter has an extraordinarily low rate of these illnesses. Providing low stress housing as well as environmental and social enrichment helps keep our animals healthy and ensures that they don’t succumb to health issues common to most shelters."

The Foundation has committed to covering the operating costs of the new facility with an annual donation of $20,000 for the next five years.

Adjacent to the main facility, the ISOasis is a separate building specific to the care and ioslation of cats and kittens. New operating costs are often overlooked as a component of capital expansion. With a new structure such as the ISOasis comes additional operating costs for energy, cleaning and maintenance. The Foundation agreed to cover those for LAPS for an initial five year period to ensure other services wouldn't be affected, and additional operating fundraising for the operation of the facility wouldn't be of concern.