Change of Management for Annual Fort Langley Cranberry Festival

Cf 2021

The Board of the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association (the “FLBIA”) is delighted to announce that the Eric Woodward Foundation (the “EWF”) will be assuming the management and coordination of the annual Fort Langley Cranberry Festival.

If not for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Cranberry Festival would have enjoyed its 25th year this year. Held each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, the Cranberry Festival draws up to 50,000 visitors to the downtown core Fort Langley for the day.

This needed transition of the Cranberry Festival to new non-profit management was made following a six-week request for proposal process, completed before the upcoming dissolution of the FLBIA. “We are pleased to pass on the legacy of the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival to another local non-profit that can ensure its continued success,” said Lisa Smit, the President of the Fort Langley BIA. She added, “The festival will continue to celebrate history and tradition, strive to stimulate the local economy, and to entertain and involve the community and visitors in a fun-filled day. We look forward to seeing how the festival continues to evolve to fit the needs of the community.”

“Applying to the FLBIA to assume management and oversight of the Cranberry Festival was an easy decision for us. The Eric Woodward Foundation’s core mission is to ensure the village of Fort Langley remains unique and vibrant for decades to come, all for community benefit,” stated Barry Dashner, the EWF’s Board Chair. “The Cranberry Festival has a great tradition we want to ensure continues.”

Eric Woodward added, “The Cranberry Festival is a community-building and village-promoting event, with a resoundingly successful history. As the former President of the FLBIA from 2012-2017, it’s great to once again be a part of the festival’s management going forward. I look forward to the whole team at the EWF building upon that ongoing success, continuing to celebrate the harvest and history of the cranberry in Fort Langley during the Thanksgiving period.”

The EWF is also announcing that it has entered into an event management agreement with Meghan Neufeld for her to continue to oversee and manage the event, as she for the FLBIA since 2013. “I am thrilled to see the Cranberry Festival transition to the EWF, and to continue as its event manager. It is a great event for Fort Langley, and provides for a great event for all of Langley, not just Fort Langley.”

About the Fort Langley Business Improvement Association

The Fort Langley Business Improvement Association (BIA) is a non-profit organization that represents all businesses and property owners within the Fort Langley area. The Fort Langley BIA engages, on behalf of all businesses and property owners to create, promote, and enhance a vital downtown business core in Fort Langley without compromising the historical character and atmosphere of the Village

About the Eric Woodward Foundation

The Eric Woodward Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 to support charitable organizations and worthwhile efforts within Greater Langley. It is a Fort Langley organization of local residents dedicated and committed to Fort Langley for community benefit, and supporting charitable purposes throughout Greater Langley. It is assuming ownership and oversight of 38% of the commercial core of Fort Langley from Eric Woodward for charitable purposes, as announced in 2018.