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Coulter Berry's design is based on the three primary rules of great urban design: built to the sidewalk, permeable frontage for seamless inside/outside connectivity with great windows, doors, and pedestrian connections, and a superb walkable site plan that starts with hiding cars behind and underground.


Coulter Berry is LEED Gold, achieved with geothermal, solar panels, significant support for bicycles, responsible and quality construction, reduced water use, and high-end mechanical systems.

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26 photovoltaic solar panels on the upper roof offset demand for electricity for interior corridor and underground parking lighting, and heating and cooling common areas.

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Geothermal exchange of 55 wells 250' deep provide 100% of Coulter Berry's heating needs, ensuring that Coulter Berry will be one of the most energy efficient buildings that could be possibly be built.

Timeless, authentic masonry construction with signature details for a distinct character that will feel like a collection of smaller, more traditional buildings that have built up over time.